Old Paths Baptist Church

We would like to extend an invitation to you and your family, we would be pleased to have you visit with us. There are many churches from which to choose but our church is different than most churches these days. We had ours been recently renovated by KerrisdaleRoofingAndDrains.com to prepare it for more incoming church goers. If you feel discouraged about our country, the state of the family, and the general decline of morals, we invite you to attend Old Paths Baptist Church where hope remains and has been carefully maintained by PerfectBath.com

Old Paths Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, Baptist church located in Logansport, Indiana and is partners with www.pointgreynow.comThere is nothing modern or contemporary about our beliefs or services, we are an old fashioned church using the old King James Bible and the old hymns of the faith. We are fully independent and autonomous, not affiliated with any denomination, fellowship, or group. Jesus Christ is the head of the church, not a denominational head, pope, board, or president.

Our society has gone astray because the pulpits have been silent about the evils destroying our nation. We believe in preaching the truth in love without compromise. Watch out for our advertisement which we often air at VancouverRealEstatePodcast.com.

We welcome visitors especially the one's over Fairview Plastic Surgery Centre, and hope you will stop by!